Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Affordable Dorm: A Preview

If you've got a college age kid, you know how expensive going back to school can be. In addition to the tuition, electronics, and high-dollar books they need, there's also the expense of outfitting a dorm or apartment. Even the guys want their rooms as tricked out as possible. Some room décor can really stretch the wallet. The question is: Can your back-to-school budget handle it?

I'm no exception. I've got a son heading off to school for his fourth year. He's finally moving out of the fraternity house (not a moment too soon), and into an apartment. Like most people, I've found that ever-rising tuition costs and other expenses make a decorating budget pretty tight. So when the budget is tight, it's time to get creative.

We'll be moving him back to school this weekend, but before we go I wanted to give you a teaser of some of the budget-friendly décor we've chosen for his new apartment. It's pallet art that we're planning to hang over his bed. A total DIY project that cost me a grand total of $9.00 to create. More than that, it sets the tone for the entire room. I know my Tennessee Vols' family will surely like it. Hope you do too.

Pallet -- FREE
Small can of stain ("driftwood" color) -- $7.00
White craft paint for simple white wash -- Free (already had)
Orange craft paint -- less than $1.00
With tax I spent about $9.00!!!
With simple projects like this, you can easily give your dorm or apartment a dash of style in an affordable way. Hope you'll check back next week to see the finished room design.

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