Monday, August 26, 2013

Quick Fixes For Big Impressions

Boy have we been busy! And we've got tons of "Before & After" photos to prove it.

Today's photos were part of a mini-makeover project we helped a client with over the weekend. She was getting ready to list her home for sell and felt it needed a little tweaking before it went on the market. When we visited, the biggest issues we found was a need for more light and bigger, chunkier accessories.

Being that our client was wanting to sell the home and NOT redecorate it, we worked mostly with what she had on hand. We didn't change paint colors or buy a bunch of new furniture. By simply adding lamps and a few pieces of art, we helped her lighten up every room in the house. Then we  moved a few pieces of furniture to give her a fresh, coordinated look that shows off the great space  her home has to offer.

Take a look . . .

The dining room in particular needed help with furniture placement and accessorizing. The way it was when we arrived was frankly, drab. The traffic flow was bad and the furnishings seemed miniature in scale compared to the room. We moved the odd accent table out and brought in a console table better suited for the scale of the room. Then we turned the dining table just a quarter turn, added a few pieces of art and accessories and VOILA! A completely new look for the room that everyone sees first. And although there is actually more stuff in the made-over dining room, the space seems larger and brighter than it did when we first arrived.

In the family room, we suggested removing the lots of little things on the mantle and replace them with a pair of something. In doing so, the fireplace appears more substantial and modern.

Our client opted for a pair of lanterns with simple, clean lines. See the difference it made.

The same was true in the half bath. The client had plenty of little decorative items, but nothing of substance. Those little items just led your eye to the counter and not to the huge space that is so uncommon in most powder rooms.

Again, we suggested less, but bigger accessories. Here's the difference replacing little items with a potted orchid and two framed pictures made. Did your eye go immediately to the counter top and back of the toilet this time? I doubt it.

We had a simmilar issue in the breakfast room. When we first entered, all we noticed were the placemats on the table and the stained glass trinkets in the window. We failed to see the terrific space within the kitchen. We just saw the "stuff".

Like before, we cleared the clutter and added a single large item. In this case, a basket of green apples. Now you look at the entire room and not the little things.

The bonus room was a bit of a different challenge. Like many bonus rooms, this room was a hodgepodge of old furnishings. It was being treated as an afterthought, with furniture just lining the perimeter of the room.

The fix was simple and quick. We just rearranged some of the furnishings and then added an accent table and some art to inject life into this forgotten space. Remember that table from the dining room? Looks better in this room, huh?

Upstairs we found great bedrooms, super clean, but the furniture placement and lack of lighting left you underwhelmed. Take a look at these changes. . .

We moved the furniture around and took that papasan out. Then we added a new lamp and hung some more art. Take a look. . .
The boy's room was overwhelmed by furniture. 

To fix it, we moved the desk out and added a lamp and some art.

Then there was the empty bedroom. With all that furniture in other rooms, why is this room empty?
The obvious remedy here? Fill it with all that extra furniture.
Then there were the baths. Like the hall bath, we needed to get rid of the tiny items and add in bigger, chunkier accessories so that visitors notice the huge space offered in these great baths.
Here we toned down the red and went with a more monochromatic color scheme. Looks great!
In the master, the room was lacking statement. It had no "wow factor".
We removed the stained glass window and added two potted plants for height and a basket of rolled towels to offer a spa-like experience.