Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why Hire a Stager?: A Dramatic Before & After

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times; yet it still bears repeating. . .The biggest factor in effective staging is getting the client to clean and declutter. I could say it until I'm blue in the face, but the photos don't lie. A neat and tidy appearance makes a huge impact on a room's appeal.

Take a look at the BEFORE photo of this teen's bedroom:

If you are a potential buyer, what do you see when you walk into this room? Did you notice the spaciousness of the room? 

Here's another view. Can you see the incredible view of the lake through that window?

Of course you said "NO". You're only seeing the unmade bed, piles of stuff, and an obstructed view, right?

It is so important to consult with a professional stager before you list your home because a professional stager will look at your property with a critical eye. They will tell you what a buyer is thinking when they view your property. Then they will work with you to develop a plan to restyle and improve the product that you are trying to market.

Our advice to this client? First -- clean and declutter. Next -- arrange furniture in a way that does not chop the room in half and prevent buyers from experiencing the true spaciousness of the room. And finally -- update the look with coordinated bedding and window treatments that don't bust the budget.

Here's how it turned out . . .

We left the room with a well-coordinated, neat and tidy appearance. And look how much more spacious the room seems.


And see . . . there REALLY is a lake out that window! 

Total cost for this dramatic restyling $91.00!!!  (Bedding - $40, Bedskirt - $12, Curtain panels - $20, New lampshade - $13, Chair rental - $4/mo, Garden stool rental - $2/mo.)

We hope you'll check back all this week for more before & after pictures of our latest project.

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