Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dressing Up the Dressing Room

Once again we had the task of styling on a minuscule budget. Actually it was a zero budget project. So, if the owner did not already have it, then we had to do without; plain and simple.

One particular area of this style-to-sell project desperately in need of some dressing up was the condo's dressing room and bath. As I said, we had no budget for renovations. We could only play-up the space's possibilities with accessories.

To say we were working with the bare bones was an understatement. The area was EMPTY! Even so, we determined right away that the overhead shelf was space that we wanted to show off to buyers because of all the extra vertical storage it provided.

As you can see, accessories are key to making a space come to life. Well placed and coordinated accessories have the ability to make a small space seem so much larger. The use of natural fibers and complimentary colors were inspired by the gorgeous color variations in the marble countertops . . .

Another thing we did to dress up the space was to add a touch of drama to the large shower. Rather than use a plain old shower curtain, we added a pair of grommeted drapery panels to frame the shower area. Drapery panels offer more style and accentuate ceiling height so much better than a traditional shower curtain hung at the usual height of 6'.

Finally, with some satin ribbon and raffia borrowed from the craft closet, we added a touch of flair to the towel bar and, in the process, tied together the entire look.

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